Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snot nosed kids

First of all, mucus is a banned substance in Casa de Russell. If there happens to be mucus in the area, Libby has to drop what she is doing and immediately plunge the "Nose Sucker" into the the depths of their nasal cavity to remove said boogies!

When the girls hear a few keywords such as; boogies, snot, boogers, or even the word nose, they know what's coming, and more often than snot, I mean not, it's a wrestling match to suck their nose clean. We were told that this helps prevents infection. However, we all know it is just annoying to hear the sniffles.

So, for the past few days everyone has been sick & snotty. After an unusually high amount of snot was shot out of MB's nose, Issy took notice of this and had to tattle on her sister.

"Dada, dada... Bebe, bebe... Dada dis!" As she points to MB's nose.

Then she uses this opportunity to go the forbidden area that houses the nose sucker and bring it to me.

"Dada, dis?" Issy hands me the nose sucker.

I then proceed to basically pin MB down to begin the very loud process of boogey removal. After being kicked and scratched I have the one arm pin move applied, and remove at least two tablespoons of the brightest green plasma I have ever seen.

As soon as I was done with MB, I quickly grab Issy and put a very red faced, very mad, MB on the floor. At this point I have two screaming girls piercing my eardrums, when all of the sudden MB notices that Issy's fate has been determined.

I look over to see the most evil smile proceeded by a laugh and MB saying (in her monster voice) "nnDada" and crawls off to the room. All of the sudden all is right in MB's world!

I had to chuckle and remind myself that NOBODY messes with karma.

Life lesson number one for little Miss Issy Mae.

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