Sunday, April 19, 2009

I will always love you

According to the a Diva is defined as "a person who has reached maximum coolness."

When I think of a Diva, I think of a female that takes being "girlie" to the extreme. Of course she needs some 'tude, loves the bling, likes to go shopping, loves handbags, doesn't like the paparazzi taking unwanted pictures, and has to have their nails & toes done.

Take this image and I think of these women: Paris Hilton, Madonna, JLo, Mariah Carey, and of course, Whitney Houston.

Well, it's time to add another name to that list; Issy Russell.

Now, those of you that know Libby, know that she is girlie. Who are we fooling, she displays some of these traits that I described earlier (especially the attitude). So, it's only natural that Issy would follow suite.

Issy loves lip gloss, she runs around with an old cell phone texting and talking. She often keeps her Blackberry or her Princess cell in her shiny red handbag that Libby's friend gave her. And, if you want to get her to stop crying all you have to do is ask "Issy, do you want to go shopping?"

So, on Thursday night Libby got a Pedi & Mani, and as soon as Issy saw her toes it was all over...

"Oh Wow... Mama dis, Mama dis! Pointing to Libby's feet. Issy had to have them painted too!

And it didn't take long, by the time I came home on Friday her toes were done.

So, after she got her fingernails painted, and before we could go see DadDad & Mimi (aka Don & Betty) Issy had to ensure she was as pretty as she could be.

"Mama I need dis" as she points to her neck, obviously needing her necklace.

Then she repeats herself and points to her wrist, yes she has, wears, and shows off her bracelet!

Hair curled, nails painted, Happy applied, and sporting her bling, she was finally ready to go.

I am in so much trouble!

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