Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Release the Hound!

The first dog that Libby and I got was a black Lab named CoCo. CoCo was a really smart, and truth be told, a good dog... but she was a bit hyper. In fact, her loving nickname was CoCo the crackhead!

CoCo was a friendly dog, she enjoyed playing fetch, jumping on you, knocking the kids over, and punching me in the... well let's say I am surprised we were able to have MB! And of course, she LOVED to chew on anything she could get her teeth on; shoes, teddy bears, dog houses, and the side of the house! We endured this for nearly three years! But, CoCo needed things that we as new parents just could not provide her. So, we did what I think was the right thing and found a new home for her in early February. Now CoCo and her new owner are having the times of their lives.

After one short month being pet free we got the newest addition to the family, a Pug and Pomeranian mix named Ariel. This dog is possibly the smallest dog I have ever seen. Overall Ariel is a good puppy. However, she is a puppy, and as puppies do she likes to like jump and nibble!

Issy is obviously very mobile so she always runs from Ariel when she starts to nibble and jump. MaryBeth does not have that same skill set yet so she gets abused a little more. With that being said, the second night Ariel was home all the girls were running free enjoying each other. At the time I was talking with a friend of mine when all of the sudden I heard a scream then thump! Woof! Thump! Woof! I look around and all I see is a white shoe going up and down... Thump! Woof! I take a peek and notice Ariel chomping on MB's foot while my sweet little MaryBeth is just pounding on Ariel's head with the aforementioned white shoe!

At that time I grab Ariel and begin scolding the dog when I hear my buddy on the line telling me "dude don't kill the dog!" I spanked Ariel a few times, then I notice MB laughing. Right then I realized two things; nobody messes with my girls! And I just got played by that sweet, little, do nothing wrong, innocent girl with the devilish laugh.

The world better watch out for MB! That sweet, little, do nothing wrong, innocent girl does not play!

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